For her ministry in Chad.

Prayer Requests

Continued prayers for health issues.

Prayer Requests

Joshua’s House Men’s Ministry is open.   Please pray that the hearts and minds of the men we minister to will be opened to accept Jesus. Also for the volunteers that willingly give up their time to stay nights so these men have a warm bed to sleep in, warm food for their bodies and God’s word for their souls.


Soup is available at Joshua’s House every Sunday immediatly after the Worship Service. Someone will be there to assist you.  Please return your empty containers so we may continue to refill.  Thank You!!


Thursday, December 18

Nellie Cejpek

Friday, December 19

Debi Hineline

Sunday, December 21

Vilas Craig

Friday, December 26

Kim Cejpek


The church office is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 2:00.


There are currently three Diggers Bible Studies being held. A Monday night study is being held  at Christian & Kim Cejpek’s, 10701 Kramer Dr, near West Lima at 6:30. A Wednesday night Diggers is held in the church library at 6:00 and a Thursday morning Diggers is held at 9:30 in the church library. Monday night’s Diggers is studying the book of Acts, Wednesday’s class is studying Esther and Thursday morning is studying 1 Samuel. All are welcome to attend any or all of the classes.


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