Sermon: Calling All Disciples

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Sermon Notes
Scripture Reading: Luke 5:1-11
“Calling All Disciples”

1. Jesus often did the unexpected (Luke 5:3).
2. Jesus often asked people to do what made little or no sense (Luke 5:4).
3. Jesus never accepts excuses (Luke 5:5).
4. God/Jesus blesses obedience in/by faith (Luke 5:5).
5. God/Jesus rewards obedience by faith (Luke 5:6).
6. Blessings received by God are to be shared or they may be lost (Luke 5:7).
7. Jesus understood the Disciples’ fears (Luke 5:8-10).
8. Jesus challenged the disciples with new tasks (Luke 5:10).
9) Jesus demanded of His followers/disciples action and sacrifice (Luke 5:11).
10) Disciples need/must have true commitment (Luke 5:11).

Easter is for God’s disciples.