Sermon: “Consider Carefully How You Listen”

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: Luke 8:16-18
“Consider Carefully How You Listen”

  1. No one lights a light/lamp and then covers it up. Defeats its purpose.
  2. Instead the light is raised, put in a lampstand so we can see the light.
  3. There is nothing in this life that can be completely hidden, especially from God.
  4. Nothing will not be disclosed or brought out into the open. Eventually, everything will disclosed or brought out into the open. All will be known.
  5. Therefore, be concerned/careful how you listen and what you listen to.
  6. Whomever has something will be given more. Why? To implement God’s plan of helping those in need. Those who are given more are called upon to give more and support God’s Plan.
  7. Those of us who seek security from the things of this life will lose even what we think we have/control.

The world convinces most of us of false treasures and false security through greed, entitlement, peer pressure; That our value is what we own/possess.

Luke tells us to “consider carefully how we listen”. What exactly are we listening to? The ways of the world, or the teachings of Christ?