Sermon: “One Day, Two Miracles”

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: Luke 8:40-56
“One Day, Two Miracles”

  1. Jairus’s daughter is dying. Jairus asks Jesus for help (Luke 8:40-42).
  2. Jesus goes to heal Jairus’s daughter (Luke 8:43).
  3. Woman with twelve years of bleeding sickness crawls through the crowd to touch the edge of Jesus’ robe believing she would be healed (Luke 8:42-44).
  4. Jesus recognized her touch; some power had left Him (Luke 8:45-46).
  5. Woman confesses she touched Jesus’ robe and why she did it (Luke 8:47).
  6. Jesus praises her faith. “Your faith has healed you. Go in peace” (Luke 8:48).
  7. People come to tell Jesus,  “Jairus’s daughter is now dead” (Luke 8:49).
  8. Jesus tells Jairus to believe as he keeps going and heals Jairus’s daughter Luke 8:50-56).

Critical Points

  1. Jairus’s daughter was healed even though Jesus was interrupted by the bleeding woman.
  2. Both miracles occurred because of someone in need, their faith and action, and Jesus’ desire to help.
  3. The bleeding woman would not be denied her miracle. She crawled to Jesus.
  4. She did/would do whatever it took to receive the miracle/blessing.
  5. Her faith overpowered her fears.

If we are truly called/anointed we must be willing to sacrifice/serve/lead on God’s terms, not ours. We all must submit to the authority of God’s ministerial terms.