Sermon: “The Great Sell-Out”

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Sermon Notes
“The Great Sell-Out”
Scripture: Genesis 25:19-34

1) This passage involves the children of the Promise (Genesis 12:2-3,7):

  • 1st part of promise: Give Abraham many descendants and make them a great nation.
  • 2nd part of promise: God will give Abraham’s descendants the land of Caanan.

2) Through prayer Isaac and Rebekah received a prophecy from God Himself (Genesis 25:23).
Edom Map)

3) Esau sold his birthright and scorned God’s promises given to the heirs of Isaac (Genesis 25:29-33).

What does this mean for us?
1) Do not “sell-out” your new birth right in Christ.
Q) What are reasons why people sell-out their faith?

  • Lack of knowledge & understanding of the faith.
  • Lack of foundation or roots in the faith.
  • Hypocrisy in the church.
  • When they are hurt by the church.
  • When people lead them astray.
  • When they experience some sort of tragedy in their life.
  • When they’ve suffered or are suffering.

2) When we trust in Jesus, the Holy Spirit helps us live out that freedom from sin when we are sensitive enough to the Spirit, giving us the ability to respond to God as the Spirit directs our life each day in all that we do.