Sermon: “Weird, Because Normal Is Not Working!” Part 3: “Love & Relationships”

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: Genesis 29:15-20
“Weird: Because Normal Is Not Working”
Part 3: Love & Relationships

Genesis 2:24

Bible Study:

  1. He saw her as someone he must have to give his life worth/value/love.
  2. Promised his father 7 years of labor for her overpaid/foolish decisions.
  3. Fell for the 3 challenges of Relationships/marriage/love: Compromise, entitlement and bitterness.

Two Examples of Relationships: Marriage & Children

1st Commandments: Do not have any other gods before me.

  1. Wife, children, family must be #2 after God!
  2. Tend your garden; work at your marriage.
  3. Don’t judge others by action and ourselves by intent.
  4. “Remember the height from which you’ve fallen. Repent and do the things you did at first!”

Children: Be weird and not normal as parents:

  1. Normal is to strive for the center of what the world lives like/believes/accepts.
  2. Weird is to live as in the center of God’s will/plan/wisdom/direction.
  3. Do not lead children to be worldly but to be more like Christ.
  4. Like Jesus, teach/preach both grace and faith.
  5. Weird parents are easy to identify; they are truthful and try to live like Christ.
  6. Keep them in your head and heart.

Craig Groschel’s seven biblical points in raising kids:

  1. Teach and train them to manage God’s money (Proverbs 3:9-10).
  2. Carefully select your friends (Proverbs 13-20).
  3. Train children to watch their words (Proverbs 4:24).
  4. Train them to be responsible/accountable (Proverbs 6:6-8).
  5. Train them to guard their minds (Proverbs 23:7).
  6. Train them to be generous (Proverbs 11:15).
  7. Train them to fear God (Proverbs 1:7).

By keeping God first in our lives we bring everything else in our lives closer to God’s standard for those things in our lives. They will never become all they can be until they are truly under God’s authority and control. The world will call such behavior and beliefs as being very WEIRD!