Sermon: “The Catcher:

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: Genesis 12:1-4
“The Catcher”
Bible Study
  1. Abraham is a prime Biblical example of faith and trust.
  2. God tells Abraham to leave home and go to where God will guide him.
  3. Abraham goes. No questions asked. He trusted God and did what God called him to do.
  4. Then Abraham waited for God to act. Abraham wasn’t always good at waiting; are we?

God tells His true disciples to wait! He knows we may have doubts and fears but we are called to overcome by letting go in faith and trust in God.

  1. Let go of relationships that dishonor God.
  2. Let go of attachment to money and things of this world.
  3. Let go of power; we are all called to be servants.
  4. Let go of addictions; admit them and get help.
  5. Let go of grudges; we are called to forgive.
  6. Let go of entitlement attitudes.
  7. Let go of ego, pride, reputations and disobedience; we are called to be in alignment with God.

We are called to let go and wait for “the catcher”. It is His perfect timing that blesses us! God may have a better plan for us than we do. We must wait and trust (Hebrews 11:8-10)!

Timing is everything in a professional trapeze act. Trust in each parter is not only needed but required for safety and success! Can we say less about our relationship with God?