Sermon: D.T.R. – Defining the Relationship

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: John 3:1-16
D.T.R. – Defining the Relationship – Part 1
Bible Study
  1. Nicodemus was a member of Sanhedrin. If he sided with Jesus he would lose everything (John 3:1).
  2. Nicodemus came at night, perhaps to keep everything a secret (John 3:2).
  3. Jesus calls us to know the difference between “fan” and “follower” relationships.
  4. Jesus was not interested in a “fan” relationship but rather a “follower” relationship.
  5. Following Jesus always costs us something in this life. Nicodemus would soon find out.
  6. What has following Jesus cost you, or are we still fans?
Question: Have you made a decision for Jesus or have you committed to Jesus?
  1. Many have decided to believe in Jesus without making a commitment to follow Him.
  2. The Gospel allows for no such distinction or decision.
  3. The Bridegroom wedding story and infidelity.
    1. He promises devotions and speaks the words.
    2. On their honeymoon he gets caught with another woman.
    3. His words now have little meaning.
  4. Believing and following are firmly connected. To truly believe is to follow.
Selling Jesus (Telling only the easy, comfortable things about a relationship with Jesus).
  1. Nicodemus, Moses, Noah and Daniel all risked losing everything. There is a cost in following Jesus.
  2. Late night infomercial: Do you want more money, security, to retire early and not even have to pay shipping?
    Preacher: Do you want to live forever, go to Heaven (not Hell), be forgiven and start fresh? Would you like to live a prosperous life and claim God’s wealth for yourself all with no responsibility, accountability or changes needed?
  3. These people order a Gospel that costs them nothing and offers them everything (easy).
  4. There is no forgiveness without repentance; no salvation without surrender; no life without death; no believing without commitment, action and fruit (narrow gate).
  5. Pastor’s Sermon Story: “Guy quits church because he didn’t like my sermons!”
    1. I called him back to talk; he was very surprised!
    2. After stammering and stuttering he stated he felt my messages interfered with his life.
    3. I smiled and said, ‘Isn’t that part of my job description?” What he meant was he was willing to attend church, put a few bucks in the offering plate, pray before meals and even put a fish sign on his car bumper but he didn’t want Jesus to interfere with his life.

Where do we stand? Are we willing to let God and God’s Word define our relationship with Him or will we refuse to let God interfere with our lives?