Sermon: Where Do We Go Now?

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: Matthew 4:18-22
“Where Do We Go Now?”

We have taken a spiritual journey to Bethlehem to find:

  1. The Faith of Christmas
  2. The Promise of Christmas
  3. The Peace of Christmas
  4. The Christ of Christmas

Q: Where will we go now in our faith journey?

I) What is Our Calling as Disciples of Christ?

  1. Our first and primary calling is to be a follower, a Disciple, of Christ. This is what God calls every person to be; a person who trusts in and follows Jesus’ commands.
  2. Q: What is happening in Matthew 4?  Answer: Jesus, the Savior the people have been waiting for, calls Peter & Andrew to “come follow me.” Likewise with the other disciples!
  3. Obedience is a big deal to God!

II) How is God calling you to go further in your Christian journey? (Luke 5:1-11)

  1. On the shore of the Sea of Galilee, Peter (Simon), Andrew, James & John all hear Jesus preaching to the crowd.
  2. When Jesus addresses Peter & Andrew, Peter responds & calls Jesus master.
    Peter is already beginning to recognize Jesus’ authority through His preaching.
  3. As Jesus performs the fish miracle, He gives them even more of a glimpse of His power & authority.

Q: How did they respond when Jesus commands them to follow Him?
A: Without delay, they obeyed & followed Him.

Q: What is God calling you to be and do this year? How can you further the Word of God in your own life and in our community?

Q: In what way is Christ calling you to be more committed disciples; to further your commitment in serving Him and advancing His kingdom?

We must make Goals for moving forward in our Faith Journey. This is not a New Years Resolution sermon; it is about COMMITMENT! What can we do to further our commitment to the Word of God; to serving the Lord; to commit ourselves following and obeying God’s call in our life?

I challenge everyone here, to discover what God is calling you to be and do for this coming year, and make sure you obey it when you discover what that calling is.  Are you a shareholder in what you believe?