Sermon: “Reconciliation – Part 1: A New Relationship”

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: Luke 17:1-10
Part 1: A New Relationship”

Bible Study (Sin, Faith and Duty)
  1. Reconciliation is needed because there are things that will cause people to sin.  (Luke 17:1-2)
  2. Therefore we are called to watch ourselves. (Luke 17:3a)
  3. If our brother sins rebuke him. If he repents forgive him; even seven times in one day! (Luke 17:3b-4)
    • Repentance is not contingent upon immediate fruit; nor should forgiveness.  Reconciliation and forgiveness are processes; matters of sin, faith and duty which lead to obedience in forgiving others.
    • We are to forgive and reconcile with others because God calls us in obedience to His plan and if we don’t or wont we are not worthy to worship.(Matthew 5:23-24)
  4. Disciples respond by asking for an increase of faith but Jesus did not accept their excuses. (Luke 17:5)
  5. Jesus instead called the disciples to obedience based on the size of a mustard seed.  (Luke 17:6)
  6. Jesus gives them the story of the obedient servant. (Luke 17:7-9)
  7. Jesus compares the servant to us doing our Christian duty. (Luke 17:10)

Ministry and true obedience to God will demand a life of sacrifice. What have we been sacrificing for God/Christ? When Christians quarrel, gossip and offend one another we allow loose ends to rob the church of strength and the ability to unite for God’s will.

In order to strengthen the church and its people there must be present a total, truthful and real desire for reconciliation and forgiveness amongst God’s people. Reconciliation and forgiveness are totally new relationships that are established through our personal confession of sin and repentance and through forgiveness by God and Man.

We are called to reconcile and forgive amongst ourselves in obedience to God’s love and sacrifice for His creation; to do less weakens the church and every congregation. Do you have someone to forgive? Are you still holding a grudge? Let it go now and receive God’s blessing. In obedience you will be blessed!