Sermon: “Jesus’ Prayer for You and Me!” (Part 1)

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: John 17:6-19
“Jesus’ Prayer for You and Me!”
(Part 1)

  1. Jesus first defines and discusses who His Disciples are:
    • I revealed you to them. (John 17:6)
    • You gave them to me and they obeyed your word. (John 17:6)
    • They now know everything comes from/through you. (John 17:7)
    • They accepted your words and teachings. (John 17:8)
    • They know I came from you and you sent me. (John 17:8)
    • I pray for them and not the world. (John 17:9)
    • You gave them to me, yet they still belong to you. (John 17:9)
    • All I have is yours; all you have is mine. (John 17:10)
    • Protect them in this world by Your Holy Name. (John 17:11)
    • So we are all one. (John 17:11)
    • None we lost other than Judas in order to fulfill scriptures. (John 17:12)
  2. Items Jesus asks for us as His Disciples:
    • I’m coming home to glory / full measure of joy to be with us. (John 17:13)
    • I’ve given them your word / the world hates them / strengthen them. (John 17:14)
    • They are not of this world anymore than I am. (John 17:14)
    • My prayer is not that you take them out of th earthly world. (John 17:15)
    • Protect them from the evil one. (John 17:15)
    • Sanctify them with the truth, with your word; a Holy lifestyle. (John 17:17)
    • As you sent me, I sent them; bless them. (John 17:18)
    • For them, I sanctify myself so they are sanctified. (John 17:19)

Jesus prays for His true disciples then and now!  Do we qualify as His disciples? Are we living the life Jesus commands us to live; a holiness lifestyle?

Imagine the Son of God praying for you and me, praying for all of us in alignment with His word, will and way. Can we do anything less than becoming the daily fulfillment of Christ’s prayers? Can we do anything less than becoming all He has created us to do an be?

Let us come together this day and become the answer to all of Christ’s prayers!