Sermon: “Jesus’ Prayer for You and Me!” Part 2

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: John 17:1-5,20-26
“Jesus’ Prayer for You and Me!”
Part 2

Jesus prayed for Himself and all believers! Are we ready for His prayers, callings and commands?

Bible Study
  1. Jesus’ Prayer for Himself. (John 17:1-5)
    • Glorify Your Son, so He may glorify You. (John 17:1)
    • Eternal life in knowing God. (John 17:3)
    • Jesus brought God glory and asks God to glorify Him (Jesus) with the glory He had before. (John 17:4-5)
    • Jesus’ prayer for Himself was all about glorifying God!
  2. Jesus’ Prayer for believers. (John 17:20-26)
    • Prayer is for all people whom the believers’ touch (John 17:20)
    • That all may be one in God, as is Christ. (John 17:21)
    • Jesus has given them and they accepted the glory of God. (John 17:22)
    • May we all be brought to complete unity with each other and God. (John 17:23)
    • Christ wants us to be with Him through all eternity. (John 17:24)
    • The world rejects those given to Him, but I knew them. (John 17:25)
    • Jesus makes all believers known to God. (John 17:26)
    • Jesus will continue to make God known to them. (John 17:26)
    • “I will continue to be in them / guide them.” (John 17:26)

We are to be light amongst the darkness! The most important tool that we use to be His disciples and believers/followers is prayer.

  • First: We must, in faith, pray for all we need to be obedient to His word, will and way.
  • Second: We must be willing to accept God’s answers to our prayers.
  • Third: We must respond in obedience to God’s answers to our prayers.
  • Finally: We must accept, in faith, all of God’s blessings that come from our prayers, faith, obedience and actions.

As God prays for us, we must pray for ourselves and each other. In such prayers comes the commitment, obedience, wisdom, direction and guidance that lead to our true, faithful alignment with God. In that alignment, we learn to live the lives that God has created for us. We can become all He created us to do an be!