Sermon: “So Now, How Do I Do What God Calls Me to Do?”

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: 2 Samuel 7:1-13
“So Now, How Do I Do What God Calls Me to Do?”

The last two weeks, we have learned Biblical truths about leadership and decision making. We have learned that true leaders are not procrastinators but decision makers. They are people of action, and that is what God calls all true believers to be; people of action!

How to do what He calls us to do and then be obedient?

“Somewhere around 50% of all decisions we make will be wrong! An intimate walk with God can help lower this dreadful percentage!” –John Maxwell

Good decisions respect the power of God:
  1. Godly decisions are made in an atmosphere of joy, unity and alignment with God.
  2. All decisions should be viewed and celebrated as moving forward, as growth and improvement by God.
  3. Good leadership/ decision making decides in favor of God before self.
  4. Good leadership/ decision making sometimes postpones decisions.
  5. All decision making should be submitted to God for approval.
  6. Once God approves the decision, immediately be obedient and follow through.
  7. Be strong in your faith and look for God’s signs, fruit, guidance and course correction.
  8. Always follow God’s word, will and way before and after decision making.
  9. Be patient as you evaluate your progress; don’t second guess yourself.
  10. Be confident and faithful with all your actions; failure is not an end result but a new beginning!

We are all to be leaders and decision makers in obedience to God’s callings and commands, but none of us will make the correct for our life, family, home, church, children, loved ones or spiritual journey unless we are truly obedient to God’s word, will and way. Wherever you currently are, no matter what you’ve done, no matter what has happened to you, you have a loving God that wants to be in a relationship with you. Put away your pride, throw away your baggage and fall down on your knees; put God first in your life and watch the miracles and blessings flow.