Report from Annual Conference 2012

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Report from Annual Conference
  1. Synergy: Where two or more people, systems, plans, thoughts or ideas work together and accomplish more. “Together we accomplish more!”
  2. Bishop Kendall challenged us to stop adding Jesus to our lives and instead allow Jesus and His teachings to add things to our lives.
  3. The Gospel is for the poor only! We are all the poor together in relationship to God/Jesus.
  4. Sky Lodge Debt Reduction Plan
  5. Technology at all levels of ministry. We must become part of the 21st century if we are to teach God’s people in the 21st Century.
  6. “Good News” is no longer a noun but a verb/action: good newsing, gospeling, evangelizing, witnessing!
  7. Bishop challenged us all to plant churches, build disciples and grow churches. Create an “I want some of that” environment. Are we having a “Good News Gathering?”
  8. Church was recognized as receiver of $24k grant for new ministries and Pastor Jim was elected to the MAC Board.
  9. Jo Ann Krulatz was recognized and accepted as a CMC and ATP.
  10. Pastor Jim and Charlotte were re-appointed for a fourth year of ministry at the Richland Center Free Methodist Church!