My Heart, Christ’s Home

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: Ephesians 3:14-21
“My Heart, Christ’s Home”

Based on the book “My Heart–Christ’s Home“, by Robert Boyd Munger

A tour of your home:

  1. The Study
    • What things are in your study which do not belong?
  2. The Dining Room
    • Known as the room of appetites and desires where we satisfy our wants.
    • What’s on the menu?
      • Money
      • Academic Degrees
      • Stocks
      • Fame & Fortune
    • What kind of food are you serving in your dining room? Self-centered wants, or God’s will?
  3. The Living Room
    • Represents personal time with Him.
    • Ways we can have fellowship with Him:
      • Devotions
      • Quiet time with Him
      • Prayer
  4. The Work Room
    • Holds our gifts and talents.
  5. The Rec Room
    • Represents our entertainment choices.
  6. The Bedroom
    • The description of the bedroom is staying sexually pure, physically and mentally, regardless if you are married or unmarried.
  7. The Hall Closet
    • Represents all of our sins & hurts that we are unable to turn over to Christ. It becomes an odiferous, putrid smell, like that of death, which causes Christ to turn His face from us until we are willing to let go and turn it all over to Him.
  8. Transferring the Title