False Teachings – Part 3: Islam

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: Matthew 22:36-40
False Teachings – Part 3:

Basic social and lifestyle differences between Muslims and Christians:

  1. Most Muslim countries have little or no religious freedoms.
  2. There are many required laws of faith.
  3. Most Americans feel the Muslim faith is demeaning to women.
  4. The claim that Allah is just the Arab name for the Judeo-Christian God is difficult to validate historically.
  5. The Koran has several problem areas of contradiction with four different versions of how Muhammad received his revelations and also the approval by Allah to kill and drive out all Jews.
  6. Different views of Heaven.

Basic Characteristics of Islam:

  1. One true God.
  2. Angels: servants of God. The greatest is Gabriel. Every person has two recording angels for good and bad deeds.
  3. Many prophets: Muhammad is the greatest. Jesus is not God, the Son of God, the Messiah or Savior; only a prophet under Muhammad.
  4. The Koran is holier than the Bible although the Bible is recognized as a good book, but polluted.
  5. Judgment day: Good and bad deeds are balanced and they determine our eternal rewards.
  6. Allah ordains the fate of all. Good or bad it is the will of Allah. Leads to fatalism.
  7. Jihad (Holy war). If infidels will not convert, it is sometimes necessary to kill them. Most Muslims do not believe this buy many extremists do. It is found within the Koran.

A different Gospel as compared to the Good News of Jesus.

  1. Islam teaches that God is virtually unknowable by man. Jesus is only a prophet. (1 John 4:1-3)
  2. Muslims deny that Jesus died on the cross and rose again. Some say Judas died on the cross. (Matthew 26:28)
  3. Allah’s love is really taught on fatalism; everything is Allah’s will. (John 3:16)
  4. Allah is not seen s a personal God. Muslims pray only for mercy; Christians add grace. (Titus 3:4-7).
  5. Allah requires total obedience to Islam law and weighs in every person’s works and deeds. (John 14:6)

The Verdict: In light of history, different views of the Bible, Jesus, Salvation, Heaven, the Quran’s multiple contradictions we as Christians must recognize that the Muslim belief system falls outside of the boundaries of Christianity.

Such differences do not relieve us from God’s calling to minister to our Muslim brothers and sisters.  We are called to go forward in loving care and relationship, not only befriending but helping to hear, receive and understand the Good News of Jesus Christ. The truth will set us free!