7 Questions Skeptics Ask

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Sermon Notes
Scripture: Mark  11:21-25

7 Questions Skeptics Ask:

  1. 1) Evil and suffering.
    • a) God has given us free will and we often make disobedient choices.
    • b) Disobedience comes from, and leads to, alienation from a good, Godly lifestyle.(Isaiah 53:10-11)
    • c) God always works for our good. (Romans 8:28)
  2. 2) Contradictions within the Bible.
    • a) Most contradictions are based upon historical ignorance, not actual facts!
    • b) Differing accounts are necessarily contradictory. Historical truth and common logic almost always disprove the apparent contradiction.
  3. 3) Will those who never hear about God’s word really go to Hell?
    • a) God’s perfect love far exceeds our understanding. (John 3:16)
    • b) What God decides will be loving, merciful and fair. (John 8:10-11)
  4. 4) How can Jesus be the only way to Heaven? Don’t all religions lead to heaven?
    • a) First the Skeptic must be shown that Jesus as the only way is at least a possibility.
    • b) Then, is Jesus a candidate for this possibility? Jesus Himself claimed so. (John 14:6-7)
    • c) Was this claim true? Jesus’ story, teachings, history, fulfilled prophecies and martyrs say, “Yes!”
  5. 5) Isn’t Christianity really just a crutch to get through life?
    • a) It is more than a crutch, it is a life fundamental belief system; a way of life.
    • b) Christianity answers major human needs: love, forgiveness, identity, meaning, purpose, value.
    • c) No other religion satisfies all these human needs; it is our foundation, our breath of life.
  6. 6) How can Christians just accept Christianity’s teachings?
    • a) There are many things we accept in this life by a leap of faith: electricity, airplanes, medicine, love.
    • b) If you need proof: empty tomb, martyrs, Bible, historical and archaeological facts.
  7. 7) Does what you believe matter as long as you’re good and sincere?
    • a) Truth is not relative, it is absolute. If it is negotiable or changing than it is not real truth.
    • b) Good people can still be sincerely wrong. (1 Peter 3:15) We must know the truth of God.
    • c) The truth will set us free, nothing else. (John 8:32)

Saving souls is hard work. Are we willing to do the hard work? Is evangelism a priority for us? Mark tells us we must have enough faith to move mountains. Can we have enough faith to move the mountains of disbelief and skepticism? Can we evangelize the lost and bring them home to Christ? Do we have a future together as God’s people and His Church? If we trust in Him, put our faith in Him, I believe the answer is a resounding YES!